Soundaraya Lakshmi Beauty Yantra

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Product Description

Lakshmi is the Goddess of beauty and fertility. In this aspect she is called 'Soundarya' or beauty 'Lakshmi' or the Goddess of wealth, who blesses one with beauty. Lakshmi is always beautiful and only likes all things beautiful. Beauty is both an inward and outward concept. External beauty can never be complete without a beautiful inner nature. To make the cosmos more fertile so that it keeps regenerating itself, Lakshmi creates attraction or 'rijhana' between male and female through beauty. She blesses women with the power of beauty so that they may always be attractive to their husbands. !!!

This Powerful Amulet Will Make your Skind Glowing and Rediant ! from the last 25 years i am selling these beauty yantra and found that goddess lakshmi bless everyone who is having this Mystical Charm ! If you want to get rid of all your skind diseases like pimples, oily skin , black heads or any kind of skin problem use my this charm and with goddess lakshmi blessings you will soon find a baby skin without any surgery or cosmetics !

Yantra for beauty, Goddess Lakshmi Beauty Yantra
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You Will Get A Book With This Yantra that will Describe you Everything In Details or for more information call the author +918607849162

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