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GURU OOM YANTRA FOR SHAKTI -Sadashiva is without energy (lifeless) when Mahakali is manifest. He also is like a corpse when in union with Shakti. Clearly, without Shakti, the primordial god is lifeless and cannot act - Todala Tantra !!!

This Shakti yantra, pictured Above, conforms to the general pattern of all Shakti yantras but has its own particular form. . Yantras which are not inscribed with bija mantras and the matrikas are unsuitable for worship, as are those which are created by an uninitiated person, those which do not have life installed (see below). Mantras, meanwhile, are useless even if one is initiated, unless purashcarana, a preparatory rite, is performed.
By this yantra you can attain power to achive any goal no matter how big it is ! this Maha Guru Om Yantra will Guide you whole life how you can move further in the path of success! by placing this yantra in your pocket or in mandir you are crowned into Success ! Usefull for growth and success of family and business. Very holy keeping at offices, business shop, temples and at home. Useful for laxmi yagnas the most popular yantra for protection of money and yantra was used by many entrepreneur . This yantra has a very powerful capacity of keeping a shield around the family and whole house, negates any kind of diversity. Yantras has been inscribed with various animals in centre are also various symbols, in the center of yantra is OM.

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