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Product Description

BLACK MAGIC PROTECTION CHARM ::- This charm is used to remove any black magic or any negative energy that reside in any body or house . BLACK MAGIC IS USED FOR ILL PROPOSES WHEN SOMEONE WHANTS TO HARM YOU THEN HE WILL TAKE HELP OF BLACK MAGIC !!! In india people from the different corners using this tool for their greed. it is precribed that such powers should not be misused or suffering will be result !

Every living being on the planet is based on a soul. When the soul leaves the physical body, it is bound to remain, for some time / longer period, in the guise called PRET ATMA (Ghost Spirit), according to the judicial order of the Celestial Authority. There is an omnipotent network of it all. These leaving souls are tried to be caught hold of, by scrupulous TANTRIKS (Black MAGICIANS), and convert them into Evil spirits. These Evil spirits are made to operate for dubious consummation, by jealous persons, through TANTRIKS (Black MAGICIANS), to initiate, retort or retaliate, against the persons, whom they desire to destroy, out of jealousy, personal ego or for stopping them from excelling, in home, business and other affairs. Under a variety of circumstances, Evil spirit catches its prey all by itself. Such as, persons passing and crossing through streets after consuming Liquor, Wine, Rum, whisky etc or under the fragrance of perfumes etc. are the easiest carriers of Evil spirits. As its name itself denotes, it is a form of energy capable of performance. But it is negative in nature. It acts in negative direction. It breaks the makings of human beings. It capsizes the boat of constructions and hopes. It converts the fortunes into misfortunes. It can commence from anywhere. It may be in the form of automatic negativity, Ground Energy, Cosmic Energy, Mental Energy, or Negative Energy radiated from instruments. It may be transmitted by Tantriks. It may be relegated from Past Life KARM—Prarabdh. These negative Energies along with Evil Spirits encircle the persons, compelling them to take on all sorts of pains and pinnacles and to act wrongly in the opposite directions, and hinder them from the right thing and thinking. All types of these negative energies are needed to be negativated.

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